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Personal, Social and Health Education

Personal, Social and Health Education


PSHE is about equipping children with essential skills for life; developing the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to protect and enhance their wellbeing. 


It gives children the knowledge of how to stay safe and healthy, build and maintain successful relationships and become active citizens, responsibly participating in society around them.


Without it they would not be able be prepared for life in society now and in the future.  PSHE has its foundations in seeing each and everybody’s value in society, from appreciation of others to promoting strong and positive views of themselves. 


It feeds into our school’s curriculum intent by providing children with the knowledge, skills and understanding that they need to stay healthy and safe, develop worthwhile relationships, respect differences, develop independence and responsibility and to make the most of their own abilities and those of others.


Our curriculum ensures that our children:

  • Learn new knowledge, skills, and understanding, progressing in these so that they develop their identity and self-esteem as active, confident members of their community. 
  • The themes and topics support social, moral, spiritual and cultural development and provide children with protective teaching on essential safeguarding issues, developing their knowledge of when and how they can ask for help.


PSHE at St. James’ Junior School is taught using the PSHE Matters scheme produced by Derbyshire County Council alongside our Computing curriculum which addresses the specific objectives relating to Online Safety and R-time, a personal, social education programme, which focuses on building effective and respectful relationships. 


The resources recommended by the PSHE Matters scheme are interchanged and supplemented by a range of resources specifically selected for St. James’ Junior School.



PSHE is planned to be taught in thematic units which consist of a weekly lesson in addition to reinforcement of underlying principles across the curriculum. Units are taught in a spiral curriculum which revisit each theme every two years. This enables children to recall and build upon previous learning, exploring the key values regularly at a depth that is appropriate for the age and stage of the child. Lessons use and develop key words to build a rich vocabulary to develop understanding.


The lessons are planned to be delivered in a creative manner, using many approaches such as role play, discussion and games with groups of various sizes. These activities enable children to build confidence and resilience.


Assessment for learning opportunities are built into each lesson allowing the teacher to evaluate and assess progress. Lessons will typically include activities to provide a baseline assessment and summative assessment plus activities to enable self-evaluation and reflective learning.


The curriculum is fully in line with the statutory DfE guidance, Relationships and Health Education of 2020 and the PSHE Association Programme of Study, setting these learning intentions in the context of a broad and balanced curriculum.


Please see below our curriculum progression grid for PSHE, detailing how our children progress through knowledge and skills from Year 3 to Year 6:


Personal, Social and Health Education Progression Grid


Useful websites

Advice on online safety, gaming, mental health, healthy living, relationships, exams and money:

Support on a range of topics including anxiety, stress, families and relationships:

Advice on first aid:

Advice and information on bullying, including cyberbullying:

Mental health and well-being:

Helping children stay safe online:

Guidance on film age ratings:

Helping children to learn about money:

Career advice and the world of work: