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Pupil Premium

Please read the information below which gives details of our Pupil Premium funding and how we allocate it.

If you would like a modified or enlarged paper copy of any of the documents below,  please do not hesitate to contact the administration team in the school office.

What is it?


The pupil premium is extra money for schools to help disadvantaged pupils of all abilities achieve their full potential. The amount of pupil premium funding schools receives is decided by how many disadvantaged pupils they have – schools then receive funding per pupil premium-eligible child.


Following the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the government also introduced the recovery premium grant. Recovery premium is a time-limited grant which provided over £300million of additional funding for state-funded schools in the 2021 to 22 academic year and is providing a further £1billion across the 2022 to 23 and 2023 to 24 academic years.


Who is eligible for Pupil Premium and Recovery Premium?


To be eligible for pupil premium or recovery premium, pupils must be:

  • Currently eligible for free school meals (FSM) or have been eligible for FSM at any point in the last 6 years
  • Looked after by the local authority
  • Previously looked after by the local authority or other state care.


In addition to the above, for recovery premium, all pupils in special schools, special educational needs units in mainstream schools, Pupil Referral Units and general hospital schools are eligible.


Pupil premium and recovery premium are not a personal budget for eligible pupils.

Schools can also use the funding to support non-eligible pupils where they have identified needs, for example pupils who have or have had a social worker or are a young carer. In addition, schools can use the funding on whole class approaches, for example high-quality teaching, which will also benefit non-disadvantaged pupils.


What should schools be spending the pupil premium on?


Schools must spend their pupil and recovery premium in line with a ‘menu’ of approaches, based on expert evidence of what works when it comes to improving the outcomes of disadvantaged children.


Schools must allocate spending across the following three key areas:

  • Support high-quality teaching, such as staff professional development
  • Provide targeted academic support, such as tutoring
  • Tackle non-academic barriers to academic success, such as difficulties with attendance, behaviour, and social and emotional wellbeing.


It is up to schools to decide how exactly to spend their pupil premium so that it supports pupils who need it most. For more information about how we use our Pupil Premium and Recovery Premium funding, please see the plan below.


Where can I find more information?


For more information on pupil premium and recovery premium, see the ‘Pupil premium: overview’ and ‘Recovery premium: overview’ guidance found here: Pupil premium: overview and Recovery premium funding.


St James' CofE Junior School Pupil Premium and Recovery Action Plan

Further Information about Pupil Premium Funding